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Sustainable development

Since FM Logistic was created, a sense of responsibility has nourished its corporate culture and supported its growth

The Group has always aimed to satisfy; sustainably and equitably: staff, clients, shareholders, partners, suppliers and society, in an environmentally acceptable way. Fostered by this culture, sustainable development has become a priority for FM Logistic today. In order to structure this approach and align it with our 2022 strategy, FM Logistic has drawn up a sustainable development plan based on four pillars: social, societal, economic and environmental.

The management team is leading this approach, but the countries themselves are the cornerstones and the players. They are in charge of the quarterly indicators in order to fulfil commitments. Three of these indicators are monitored at Group level and presented to Executive Committee each quarter.

The approach

  • "Sustainable development is a recent expression of what is for us, a long-standing culture. The acceptance of all of our responsibilities as an international company has always structured our development. Looking ahead and looking to the long-term to secure the future: this is the vision that our founders engraved into the identity of FM Logistic.

    With our staff, customers, partners, suppliers, share-holders and the community, we have always tried to create well-balanced, profitable and sustainable relationships, in an environmentally acceptable way. By adopting a structured approach that meets the most demanding of international standards, FM Logistic reinforces its commitment to sustainable development.

    An honorable standard, that is also dependent on everyone getting involved, to improve our united contribution to the future of the planet, through small gestures as well as major actions. The Management System’s and Sustainable Development’s teams are available to assist FM Logistic staff in their commitment and its realisation."

    Olivier Faure, FM Logistic Sustainable development director

Sustainable development

Sustainable development, an integrated responsibility
in FM Logistic's culture

Watch our video by clicking on this link:
Our sustainable development policy via movie


Management Systems

FM Logistic bases its sustainable development approach
on a three tier management system that is implemented 
across the company, countries and logistic sites



FM Logistic has always aimed to satisfy its stakeholders, in the way sustainably and equitably