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Social pillar

Preparing our people to become the foundation of our commitment

Ensuring safety at work for our staff:

FM Logistic employees have a vital role in business success. They work to improve its performance and that of its customers. It is therefore essential to enable them to work in the best conditions and ensure their well-being. The Safety First Attitude program deployed in the countries provides an opportunity to adapt it and enrich it with local practices. Formulated in three phases, aims to involve all levels of organization:

  • Technical stage: integration of occupational hazard, the prevention aspects and quality of working life directly in the concept of logistics platforms, taking into account whole activities: warehousing, co-packing and transport
  • Organizational stage: study conducted with all countries for the purpose of establish the shared safety rules, adaptable to local needs, formalized in the Safety Law
  • Behavioural stage: mobilization of all organization to a new level by acting on human factors and changing attitudes


Developing the professional skills of our staff:

In order to accompany these employees throughout their route in the company and make them rise in competence so that they can supply the best service possible for their customers, the group was equipped with a powerful tool: FM University, which provide specific programs of training notably concerning the activities and the FM activities, the Management of People and the Corporate culture.

Some examples


In 2015, as part of the "Taking care of our health, together" programme in Poland, 15 000 kg of fruit was given out to employees at platforms to heighten awareness of the importance of a balanced diet. The company also organized a cancer screening campaign for its staff as cancer screening is not covered by the local social security system. 


In Brazil in 2015, FM Logistic focused on good human relations as a way to prepare for the future of the supply chain. There were three main projects during the year: modernising the remuneration system, developing leadership through tools and Group practices (continuous improvement, team work, etc.) and bringing Brazilian HR policies up to date in terms of recruitment, training and personnel administration. FM Logistic Brazil’s organisation is now in line with the rest of the Group’s and salaries are conform with the market.

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