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La logique des transports urbain

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Founded in 1967, FM Logistic is an independent group whose history is marked by the values of its founders - respect for others, keeping promises, team and entrepreneurial spirit, high performance, ethics and enthusiasm.  This company culture, at the heart of FM Logistic's success (over 1 billion euros revenue in 2014), is shared and appreciated by all staff members.

In the 1960s in France, two brothers, Claude and Edmond Faure decided to launch their small wood transport company. At the same time, Jean-Marie Machet took the reins of his family-run transport company. The meeting of Mireille Machet and Claude Faure was to affect the destiny of the two families : Their marriage brought about a close professional relationship which led to the creation of the 'Faure & Machet' transport company in 1967. At that time they had 12 staff and 7 vehicles.

The company expanded rapidly. In 1976 it already had 90 employees and 75 vehicles. But it was in 1982 that the company really took off. The founders' entrepreneaurial spirit and dynamism were instrumental in gaining the trust of the Mars group. 'Faure & Machet' set-up a strategic activity, warehousing, and only twenty years after being founded, the company had 300 staff members and  38,000 m2 of warehousing space in France.

The 90s : the international boom

Attentive to customer requirements, 'Faure & Machet' came up with new high value-added services such as contract packaging that facilitate promotional campaigns of fast moving consumer goods. At the begging of the 90s the group took advantage of the opportunities that came up when the Eastern European markets opened, and became an international logistics pioneer in Russia and Central Europe. Following this success, the Group changed name to 'FM Logistic', in 1998, while making sure it kept its family spirit.

Thanks to the trust that holds the different generations of the founding families together, the company was passed on in 2002. Two years later FM Logistic set up in China, introducing a global supply chain solution, from the advice and design phase to the management and implementation. In 2013 the group set up in Brazil, a new continent with high-growth potential. At the same time it increased its expertise in the logistics of fresh produce with the acquisition of a major player in the Russian market. In 2016, FM Logistic reinforces its geographical coverage by becoming majority shareholder of Spear Logistics in India.

The small company from Lorraine becomes an international logistics' giant, located in 13 countries with 62% of its revenue from abroad.