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La logique des transports urbain

Sustainable development

Sustainable development, an integrated responsability in FM Logistic's culture

Sustainable development allows to anticipate and to prepare tomorrow's market for FM Logistic. This is a real opportunity to differentiate to FM Logistic is a truly innovative and growing group turned to new markets and new jobs.

Actor of responsible growth placing people at the heart of its strategy, FM Logistic wishes the mastering the impact of its activities at local and global level as the preservation of natural resources while increasing its interaction with local communities.

Today, FM Logistic has developed from 2014:


Pillars of sustainable development

Four levers to create the value: FM Logistic wants to think sustainable development as a state of mind throughout the company, visible and integrated into decision-making, a key point, with a reference in terms of social, societal, economic and environmental.

Social pillar                                                                 
Rely on our people to be the pillars of our commitments
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Economic Pillar
Design the supply chain of tomorrow
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Societal pillar
Be a player committed to local economy development
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Environmental pillar
Place environmental performance at the core of our development
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