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Economic pillar

Design the supply chain of tomorrow

The collaboration is a key element of the success of a project. The challenge is here to set up new manners to work, to get closer to various stakeholders of the company: customers, employees, suppliers, partners, communities to develop transverse projects to propose innovative solutions and of strong added values answering the stakes in the supply chain of tomorrow.

Innovation in logistics chain practices
The logistics and transport sector is subject to numerous social and environmental pressures. The various players in the logistics chain have to work together to meet these challenges.  FM Logistic is committed to doing this through: 

  • participating in European programs on tomorrow's urban logistics,
  • setting up partnerships with educational institutions, 
  • developing collaborative projects with certain customers.

Sponsoring skills acquisition in the logistics trade
Skills-based sponsorship involves periodically making employee volunteers freely available to an organization of general interest, with a cultural, social, environmental or humanitarian aid. It is an effective means of getting staff involved in societal projects, and the experience of working with an NGO gives more meaning to their day to day tasks.

Contributing to job creation and the local economy in each of our countries
As an international operator, FM Logistic is committed to the economic and social development of the territories where it operates. It promotes the purchase of local goods and services. It supports local suppliers through a global program to enhance partnerships in each country.

Some examples


In partnership with the Italian transporter Mag-Di in Rome, FM Logistic designed and implemented an ecological and innovative solution for the last mile of delivery: CityLogin. Clean vehicles make the deliveries to the historic city centre from a platform on the outskirts. Result: approximately 20% energy savings as well as reduced CO² emissions and noise pollution. The success of this service has not gone unnoticed by the city of Paris and FM Logistic has become one of the founding members of the municipal incubation programme: "Sustainable Urban Logistics and Mobility" which was launched in December 2015. So far in 2016, 3 European capitals have also shown an interest in CityLogin.
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For the third year running FM Logistic has supported the JUMP programme in Romania to help higher education students in the Timisoara region capitalise on their potential. The programme focuses on self-control, perseverance, taking initiatives, responsibility, co-operation, etc. Around 50 teenagers are currently on the diploma course which is held at FM Logistic’s local training centre.

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